About Hiraoka Sangyo

Centering on the land of Oume in Tokyo which is endowed with nature and which grew with the river Tama, production of modern cotton textile products became popular, and later the products started to be nationally known with brand names such as "Oumejima" or "Oumeyaguji".

When Oume developed as a post-station town of Koshu-Urakaido Road, textile products were sold to locations all over Japan through the hands of wholesalers. Our company, since establishment in 1907 as "Hiraoka textile" was shipping our unique bedding products which were manufactured in our company and received many awards. They were produced by using paper templates to print various patterns on the textiles, and after printing the patterns they were woven.

Due to structural recession of textile industry which happened later, our business shifted to manufacturing of high precision drawing machines with renaming of the company name to “HIRAOKA SANGYO Co., Ltd.” and in 1970's we have started manufacturing of high-precision metal turned parts. We have built current foundation of the company by steadily accumulating techniques and expanding our business including manufacturing of shafts for car stereos and audio equipment

Founder Seizaburo Hiraoka

Cotton textile

Company Profile

Company Name HIRAOKA SANGYO Co.,Ltd.
Business Support of overseas group companies, supervision and related services
Product line Automotive engine parts, Common rail injector parts, carburetor parts for two-wheel vehicles, shafts and screws for audio equipment, Home appliances, Fishing instrument, Toys
Address 367 Kami-chow, Ome-chi, Tokyo, JAPAN 1980081
GPS coordinates: 35.790659, 139.253735
Tel +81 428 24 5606
FAX +81 428 24 2071
E-mail hiraoka.m@hiraokasangyo.co.jp
URL www.eh.co.th/corporate/hiraoka.html
Representative President: Mr.Yasuhiro HIRAOKA
Established September 1907
Capital 30 million Japanese Yen
Sales 6.7  billion Japanese Yen (Consolidated in 2017)
The number of employees 22 (19 are stationed abroad, as of Jan, 2018)
Major Banks Mizuho Bank
Resona Bank
Group Company

E&H Precision (Thailand) Co., Ltd.(Chonburi, Thailand)
E&H Precision India Private Limited.(Rajasthan, India)
E&H Precision de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.Aguascalientes, Mexico)


1907 Established Hiraoka textile
1960 Incorporation of Hiraoka textile
1972 Change of company name to Hiraoka Sanyo Co.,Ltd.
1995 Established of E&H Thailand

E&H Thailand started production
Established “E&H Precision(Thailand)Co.,Ltd.” in Amata Nakorn Industrial Park in Chonburi in Eastern part of Thailand in the form of a joint venture with Eto Co., Ltd. Made a first step towards the manufacturing of precision parts based in Thailand.

2003 E&H Thailand moved to current location

Stopped production in Hiraoka Sangyo.
Aggregated the production site to subsidiary in Thailand “E&H Precision(Thailand)Co.,Ltd.” considering the changes of environment in the world. Have been aiming at improving competitiveness.


Started production in E&H Thailand (2nd factory)

Established E&H India
Established factory ”E&H Precision India Private Limited“ in fast-growing India (Neemrana Industrial Park near New Delhi) taking a lead as a Japanese turned parts manufacturer.
With the globalization in Southeast Asia, this factory will be used as a production base for a wide range of parts such as parts for automotive, motorcycle and electronics industry as well as our factory in Thailand. We have started production with the goal of being a company that can comprehensively contribute to customers. We want to provide not only cost competitive product, but also total satisfaction with trusted quality, service and guaranteed on-time delivery.

2012 Started production in E&H India
2014 Established E&H North America
2015 Established E&H Mexico

Completed new premises in Tokyo, Japan.